Eco-friendly Hand Crafted Plush Dancing Starfish

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Beautifully handmade plush animal, stuffed with recycled p.e.t plastic bottle fibre by Stones Pearls & Sampah. Hypo-allergenic and hand washable. Ideal for a baby nursery, or anyone who loves a good cuddle. A perfect Eco-friendly unique gift option!

Why you’ll love them!
The fabric is hand woven in Sulawesi, literally by hand with a traditional loom, meaning that women in villages with no or limited access to electricity can create the fabric. Plus the carbon foot-print is zero! This is a tradition passed down from mother to daughter, and the fabric was usually used for royal celebrations or very special occasions, like a wedding.

The fabric is then sewed into marine animal shapes in Sulawesi, trying to use as much of the remnants of fabric, helping SP&S to achieve zero waste in the production of goods. The patchwork designs help SP&S to use even the smallest off cuts from other hand woven fabric products. Here some of the fins are also filled with recycled plastic packets, giving them a crinkle feel which is fun for kids, not to mention great for the environment!

Back here in Australia is where SP&S put on the final touches. They fill each animal with recycled P.E.T. plastic bottles that have been spun into a fibre by InnerGreen. InnerGreen’s recycled PET fibre is derived from 100% post consumer water bottles. The fibre looks, feels and performs in the same way as a high-grade poly fibre, but is completely recycled. For every 1kg of fibre used, we save around 70 water bottles from ending up in landfill. InnerGreen’s Recycled PET fibre is also 100% non-allergenic. Win!

SP&S also add on any extras like eyes, hipster mo’s, and geeky glasses. All of the eyes have a special child safe backing, which SP&S also glue in place for extra strength.

SP&S chose marine animals as their profits go back into the community in Sulawesi via marine environmental education.

With each purchase they also provide you with an information card about where the product was created and how it is benefiting the locals.

*to prevent SIDS don’t have any objects like a stuffed toy in the cot with your newborn; purely for cute photo ops, & cuddles when the kids get older.

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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 5 cm